Tiago Ramalho AI research in Tokyo

Modeling excitable media with cellular automata

While researching for my seminar I came across a class of cellular automata which models spiral waves in excitable media. Because these models are so simple I had some fun implementing them in processing. Processing is great because you can use the javascript version to embed the visualization in a webpage directly and everyone can play with it. Here are some of the models I played around with:

  • Spiral, a model developed by Gerhard and Schuster to simulate a chemical reaction.
  • CCA, a simple cyclic cellular automaton.
  • StochCCA, where I added stochasticity to the previous model. This is useful to assign more weight to the 4 neighbors of the Von Neumann neighborhood than to the remaining 4 which complete the Moore neighborhood. This appears to make space ‘more isotropic’ and makes the waves actually circular.