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A lovely new minesweeper on android I made

Today I am finally releasing my little minesweeper for android! I’ve been working on this as a hobby for the past few weekends, and now it is finally smooth enough to let other people see it! The problem with most minesweeper applications in the market is that they are either really ugly or haven’t really figured out how to adapt the original mouse controls to a touchscreen. I set out to solve these two problems so I can play some mines on my phone!

To solve the ugliness problem, I drew some tiles in photoshop in a very minimal style, to disturb the eyes as little as possible and let you focus on the game. Here is how it turned out.

mines on the nexus 7

To navigate the board, you can use the normal multitouch gestures like pan and pinch to zoom. To place a flag, you can long press a tile or you can double tap an open tile and drag to a closed tile (these gestures won’t let you win speed competitions, but they’re pretty good if you’re lazily solving the board)

drag from an open tile... and put a flag

You also get some pretty sweet statistics when you win or lose!




Download it here!